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James “Jay” Devitt grew up in Minnesota and always knew he wanted to be a lawyer. After getting his Bachelor’s degree he went to Western State University College of Lawin Fullerton and “clerked” his way through law school, working for high profile lawyers that handled the Pinto case vs. Ford Motor Co. as well as the criminal cases People vs. John DeLorean, the Billionaire Boys Club case and the Falcon and the Snowman case.

Jay passed the California Bar Exam in 1988 on his first attempt after finishing first in his trial advocacy class at Western State University, being published in Law Review, (see 14 W. ST. U. L.REV. 1 (1968)) as well as making the Dean’s List.

He was then hired by the 80-lawyer firm Spray, Gould, and Bower where he worked for 3 years.

After the firm split up Jay started working for Kelley & Cogan, the largest Family Law firm in Santa Monica, in 1992 At the same time he was handling Appeals for the California Appellate Project.  After 31 years, Jay has an intimate knowledge of Family Law and knows how important children are since he has two children that just finished college. He has never lost a custody dispute. and understands how a Court decides a custody dispute. Jay also served in the Los Angeles Superior Court as a Judge Pro Tem and can mediate Family Law disputes with his associate.     

Family Law can be complex. In order to practice family Lawan attorney must be familiar with not only the Family Code but also tax and real estate law and sometimes criminal law, too. Jay has a diverse background in all these areas to make sure all issues are properly covered. But he also attends awards dinners with the Family Law Judges in order to meet the new ones and stay friendly with the others.

Jay opened his own practice in 1991 and has been involved in many high-profile cases. In 2008 Jay teamed up with the “Erin Brockovich” attorneys and filed a Mass Action for 50 Malibu homeowners when their houses burned down. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court of California. Mr. Devitt was recently on a heavy news rotation from the media helping the family of Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo, (after he was shot and killed by his wife).   

Jay is a member of the family LawSection of the California State Bar, the Los Angeles County Bar Association and is President of the Malibu Bar Association.   

In Family Law, there are no Juries, so it is important to know which Judges are more likely to listen to your attorney and make a proper decision. After 31 years of practice, Jay has now made over 5,000 court appearances and knows how important ”Judges shopping” is, (which is a totally legal strategy but with strict time and other limits). All Judges are not the same and in Family Law, the Judges have a lot of discretion.

Jay was profiled by Los Angeles Magazine and has been published over 30 times including both the Los Angeles Daily Journal and the New York Daily Journal(lawyers’ newspapers). He co-hosted a column in the magazine Law Office Computing and has been on KCAL, KCBS, the Nancy Grace Show on CNN and KNX and KFI radio as well as AM 870 “The Answer”. He has even argued in front of the California Supreme Court in the case of Avedon v. California State Parks.  

Jay is legal counsel for a Dog Rescue Organization. See and loves to play soccer on Sundays with his Australian Shepard, Rex.

A divorce is one of the most stressful things that a person can go through. They tend to bring out the worst in people, and divorce proceedings can frequently deteriorate into mutual acrimony and bitter infighting. That is why it is absolutely vital that you retain a skilled divorce attorney to act as your ally and confidante during these trying times. If you are located in Los Angeles, then the law firm of Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer can help you navigate the stormy waters of a legal separation, divorce, annulment, or any of the related issues that come up during these proceedings.

About Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer

Our clients come to us when they are vulnerable, distressed, and torn asunder by the trauma of their divorce. As a result, we provide an environment where you can feel comfortable and safe in sharing every part of your story with your divorce attorney. This will allow us to build a winning strategy that is custom-designed for your situation and that has a high likelihood of success.

We are empathetic to your strife and will always provide you with a sympathetic ear during this turbulent time in your life. Furthermore, in the courtroom, we will always be tactful, strategic, and compelling in presenting your case. By creating a strong bond between the attorney and client, we can more effectively argue on your behalf.

Our Excellent Track Record and Reputation

At Los Angeles Divorce Attorney, we know that the strongest currency is having an immaculate reputation and the track record to match it. That is why we have worked so hard to maintain excellent customer service and interactions with all our clients. We also ensure that we are always prepared and formidable in court, thereby giving us a winning track record that we have accumulated over the years.

The moment you turn to us for representation, you will find yourself in good hands. Everyone on our staff, from the partners to the receptionists, is here to help you in your case. You should consider us all as one team with a single, unifying goal: securing the interests of you and your children. Everything else is secondary, and we consider this to be a guiding principle in our practice.

Why Should You Choose Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer?

The process of getting a divorce can quickly overwhelm a person, thereby dulling their judgment and verve. Consequently, for many clients, the notion of choosing a divorce lawyer can seem irrelevant next to the wider stresses that they are facing.

It is crucial to note that choosing the right divorce lawyer can make a tremendous difference in your case as their skills and expertise are crucial in securing a satisfactory divorce settlement.

There are distinct advantages in choosing Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer, including:

  • We have years of experience in all aspects of divorce cases.
  • Our lawyers are skilled in the California Family Code and its various statutes.
  • We have developed an extensive network of connections, including the various players in the Los Angeles family court circuit.
  • Our law firm is large enough to command an effective set of resources while still maintaining a personal connection with you and your case.
  • Based on the particulars of your situation, we can develop a legal strategy that is customized for your case and needs.
  • We work with our clients as a team with open communication and a collaborative spirit.

Navigating the complexities of family law is virtually impossible without legal representation, so it is essential that you contact Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer and let us help you through this process.

Why You Need Legal Representation During a Divorce

Divorces fall under the general practice area of family law. This is governed by a set of California civil statutes known collectively as the “Family Code”. This means that the actual process of getting a divorce consists of more than just dissolving the marital union, it also includes settling the various financial interests, otherwise known as the “marital estate”.

In fact, there are four primary issues that arise during a divorce proceeding:

  • Property Division - Nearly every marital estate contains both debts and assets. Both of these must be identified, cataloged, and divided between both parties in an equitable manner.

  • Spousal Support - This is commonly known as “alimony” and can be a source of divisive contention in many divorce cases. It is generally awarded to the spouse who has a lower income and its terms, timeframe, and conditions are determined by the family court judge.

  • Child Custody - This can be a source of tremendous acrimony, even more so than alimony. If there are children from the marriage, then their legal and physical custody must be determined by the divorce settlement.

  • Child Support - Raising children is expensive and California family law expects that both parents will contribute their due amounts to the overall process. This legal obligation extends beyond the dissolution of the marriage and its particulars are also determined by the divorce settlement.

Our legal team can help you negotiate the ins and outs of these various issues, all the while ensuring that you and your children’s best interests remain our top priority.

Areas of Practice

Our attorneys have accrued a deep set of skills and experience over the vast number of divorce cases we have handled. This means that we are knowledgeable in various practice areas, including:

  • Divorce - We can help you with every step of the divorce, from the initial filing to the final settlement.

  • Legal Separation - For some couples, legal separation is preferable to divorce. We can counsel you on your options and what process is best for you.

  • Annulments - We can help you secure an annulment under the California Family Code if your marriage was invalid.

  • Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements - Some married couples opt to protect their financial interests. We can help you form such an agreement or fight against one that has been unlawfully applied to your marriage.

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Divorce proceedings are complex and intertwined with a variety of related issues. All of these issues can intersect in chaotic ways, potentially overwhelming you and allowing your former spouse to take advantage of your compromised position. To avoid this eventuality, let Los Angeles Divorce Attorney protect you and your children’s interests. Get your free consultation by calling 310-695-5212 today.


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